We develop advanced softwares to enhance your Business Administration.

Nilobit - Business Solutions for YOur Business

From 1995 we develop tech solutions to help companies to manage their business.

Today NILOBIT has one structure of production and management in Prague - Czech Republic, in Bratislav - Slovakia and in Bologna - Italy, where everything started.

A preview about our products:

  • niloAGENT, the software for administrative management of Sales Agents.

    niloAGENT is the system for the administrative management of sales agents with particular regard to requirements of fiscal obligations and category institutions.
    This collaborative, flexible and powerful software is the solution to absolve to all contributory, administrative and fiscal requirements charged to sending firms.

  • niloCAR, the software to conduct your Company Fleet.

    niloCAR manages through the web private or long-rent vehicles, as well as vehicles at disposal of or assigned to employees.
    Any company or public institution with a vehicle fleet (cars or other vehicles) should use this software, particularly if seeking to improve its efficiency in the management of single vehicles during their entire life cycle.

  • niloCRM, the software to manage your Customers and Business Transactions.

    niloCRM is the software to organize and increase the companies' activities, through the management of customers database.
    It lets to collect, organize and manage the data about all type of customers (prospects and already customers), helping to analyse the data and managing all the business activities connected to the customers.

  • niloTIMESHEET, the software to optimizing Projects and Working Hours.

    niloTIMESHEET is the software for a better organization of business projects.
    It helps to administrate in a fast and easy way all the info about contracts and resources, and it allows an efficient business administration, also tracking and monitoring working hours assigned to specific projects.

  • niloTICKET, the software for Technical Support to Customers.

    With niloTICKET, it's possible to manage automatically all the flow to support the customers in case of technical problems.
    This solutions gives the chance to save time and also to have an operative organization of all the business procedures in the company.

  • niloWEBPORTAL, the CMS to create and manage Web Sites.

    niloWEBPORTAL allows to create, manage and change very easy and fast your Web Site.
    With an editor WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), all pages can be changed easily by the customer, at any time and with any device (pc, tablet and smarthphones).

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